Our slides

A large, deadly landslide in northern Washington has been making news. Smaller ones around here aren’t deadly, thank goodness, but they are sneaky and expensive and everywhere.


This isn’t a landslide yet, but these concentric cracks in Skyline Boulevard are typical signs of slumping ground. A city with more money to maintain streets would have dribbled tar over these cracks when they first appeared, a year or two ago. As it is, each crack lets rainwater into the hillside where it promotes more slumping. Keeping the road sealed will buy a few years’ time.

This location is underlain by the same incompetent Sobrante Formation that gave the Caldecott Tunnel builders such trouble. But landslides occur in Oakland on nearly every geologic unit, from the lower streambanks to the highest hills.

4 Responses to “Our slides”

  1. gen katz Says:

    There was a slide that closed off Brunell drive through to Crestmont. It was never reopened.

  2. Anthony Says:

    The big problem in places like that isn’t so much the cracks in the road, but the unlined drainage along the uphill side which collects water and feeds it right to the sliver fill the road is on.

  3. patrick heuler Says:

    The location of this road is extremely dangerous. Even though it is not considered a landslide yet, it looks like it will soon be extremely harmful. This road has been cut in the side of this hill and soon enough the land is going to get a lot of loose sediment from rainfall and could potentially be a very bad landslide! The cracking in the road may be just a warning sign that this area needs to be checked out soon before this land starts sliding.

  4. Andrew Says:

    Patrick, you seem unusually sure of yourself. Have you been to this place?

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