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Another appearance of the Morton Gneiss

25 May 2012

Not long after I documented the tombstone at Mountain View Cemetery made of the extremely old Morton Gneiss, I spotted the same stone—four polished disks of it—flanking the entryway of a house in the Grandview neighborhood.

morton gneiss

This stuff is certainly a gift to the world. And yet just today I bent down by someone’s fence to caress a boulder of our own red chert, equally striking in its own way.

Slate on the water

19 May 2012

Lately the city has been fixing up the walks along the waterfront, and they’re well worth a visit. This splendid boulder of slate isn’t on the newest part of the trail—it’s at the foot of Alice Street, just where the Jack London Waterfront leaves off and the Alice Street Mini-Park starts.

slate boulder

I don’t know where they get stones like this; they aren’t from Oakland or even from the Bay area. That’s OK.

Serpentine Prairie sanctuary

15 May 2012

Serpentine Prairie is looking good these days. With a large portion of the land fenced off from dogs and people, and with the exotic trees removed, this strange ground is healing.

serpentine prairie

See the boulders romping in their new space.