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Driveway of delight

29 November 2009

On a walk in North Oakland in connection with my hobby, I was delighted to see another example of a homemade decorative driveway. This is just the beginning of it:

rock driveway

Whoever built it had access to big chunks of waste glass as well as a variety of rocks from near and far. One of those, the green one in the lower right, is a fine specimen of actinolite schist:


To my knowledge, you won’t find such a thing in Oakland. I got my first hand specimen of actinolite from that rock shop on 101 next to Squaw Rock on the Russian River, south of Hopland. I asked the owner, as I often do, “What do you have that’s local?” and he handed me that one. The boulder in this driveway looks just the same.

Oakland from the air

22 November 2009


I have got to save up the money to ride the Eureka, our local airship, to survey Oakland from above. Good as Google Earth is, or a ride in a small plane, there is nothing like the leisurely, quiet flight of a lighter-than-air craft for viewing and photographing the ground. (Click the photo for a larger version.)


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