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High points

29 October 2008

kaiser center parking lot

For the best sense of an area’s geology you need to see it at as many scales as possible. I study this city from eye level and ground level, also by staring at maps. I climb its hills and go beyond its borders to survey it from a distance. If I had a light plane, I’d cruise all over from a thousand feet up. (In its absence, Google Earth and Google Maps are quite useful.)

Another of my practices is to climb parking structures. The views are always good, but nobody else does this—these buildings aren’t reaching their full potential! This shot is from the top of the Kaiser Hospital’s parking structure during a spectacular sunset in the winter of 2003. That’s Piedmont Avenue below. Round Top pokes above the large apartment building at center right. The knob at farthest left is now occupied by a very large house, looking down on the rest of the Hiller Highlands. Imagine having a public park bench up there.

Knocker nine

22 October 2008

knocker 9

I don’t know why I call this knocker nine, since the last set of Mountain View Cemetery knockers I posted should be number 8 through 11. But I can be inconsistent in my domain, and besides I think it just looks like knocker nine. This mini-outcrop in the Franciscan mélange is on Piedmont town land, on the hillside above the skateboard park south of the cemetery. The rocks are no respecters of property lines or jurisdictions.

I’m headed out of town for a few days, so talk amongst yourselves if you like. I’ll be in Las Vegas and enroute by car, taking a loop down into deepest Imperial County.


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